‘Solar powered drones which provide internet access to rural and remote areas have been trialled in UK for first time by Facebook. is the opening line, as the Telegraph finds ‘The Man’ who is going to light up the lives of the United Kingdom’s ‘not spots’ communities from 60,000 feet on high.

The final 10% – those who will never get to see a BT fibre cable down their country lane – will be linked to the rest of the world via a solar-powered drone. Chucking out wireless connectivity.

‘Facebook says this will bring online connectivity to remote locations, previously inaccessible, for the first time…

So a drone will park itself over that corner of the Lincolnshire Wolds, that bit of the North York Moors and that stretch of the Lake District to those communities left bereft by the combined might of BT and BDUK.

The Telegraph piece continues…

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First things first – the thank you.

Clearly to NESTA and all their ‘DestinationLocal’ works, but equally to the people of Loddon who – in pretty short time – rallied to the #21VC cause; helped in no small part by the fact that Ben Olive has bust his proverbials over the last two years to keep LoddonEye at the heart of that community’s affairs.

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As is the wont on these occasions, I always feel slightly beholden to ‘take away’ something from the various conference spaces you end up in.

Way back when it was even one of your own… #1000flowers (Nov, 2010).

Since then there’s been, in no particular order, StreetFightMag (Oct, 2011), SxSWi (March, 2012) and Collab2012 in Berkeley, Ca (April, 2012).

All the time – hopefully – looking and learning. Seeking out the wisdom of the crowds and, maybe, finding smarter people thinking local than – thus far – ol London town has managed to produce.

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There are thousands of suspended particles, many of which can be harmful to our body. Air quality is one of the factors that influence our bodies, and we must pay particular attention to improving it. One of the most efficient ways to clean the air, increase quality and guarantee us a better state of health is the air purifier. But surely you’ve already heard of this device at other times. If you end up not having very clear how it works or if it is going to be effective buy one to install it in your home or workplace, read on.

In this guide, we accurate all these questions: explain its operation, the different types that exist, when its use is recommended, and you have all information gathered, to show a list of the best air purifiers you can buy. Continue Reading

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As both regular readers of this blog will know, the subject of rural broadband has been something of a church-225x300favourite in these parts.

Partly because I think we *might* have a way of replicating the Starbucks-Yahoo tie in the US, with the coffee chain intending to offer free wifi in 4,000 of its outlets via a deal with Yahoo…

… in that Yahoo will deliver channels of content into the Starbucks log-in page, supported by Yahoo’s Local ads.

Funnily enough we can do that, too.

It is, for me, what the future of ‘Local TV’ in this country might look like, if its not the 60-strong ‘vision’ that hangs onto the nearest transmitter mast.

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I’m very wary of stealing some thunder out of a piece that WannabeHacks kindly asked me to write as part of their #Hyper-local week next week.saddleworthnews-300x240

So I shall try not to go too far down that road.

But this weekend has seen some decent conversations abound – not least with the BlogPreston people, Ed, Andy and Jo, in particular.

Because having built themselves an audience – a ‘brand’ – aroundhttp://blogpreston.co.uk/ their next *big* question is deciding just how much their advertising space is worth for engagement with that audience…

And they are not alone in this; and, in a sense, it’s none of our business Addiply-wise. All we ever do is dish out a piece of kit – a tool – that empowers the likes of Ed, Andy and Jo to ponder these questions for the first time.

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Few fields of drumming changed quite rapidly over the recent decades like that of the electronic kit.

Few years ago, the e-kit was sneered at sometimes, but these days, everyone from bedroom drummers to stadium-filling sticks man is beginning using electronics, if it was both in the hybrid setup and the full on rig.

And this is because of the large technological strides which have been produced in late decades, and when this is a clear boon for the top-level player, it has created more chances for those who are newbie, because the entry-level kit has dropped in cost. It is jaw-dropping things which some quid could get users speaking of the feature in the market these days. We will look at these reviews of the best budget electronic drum set.

Gear4Music DD400

We are not saying that it is perfect, yet full kits for just less than 200 dollars couldn’t be seriously sniffed at.

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In sports, an exercise machine mainly used for a warm-up and cool-down. For strengthening muscles and improving stamina, there are better alternatives, but nevertheless, it has a positive impact on your condition. An exercise bike is mainly used to assist in weight loss, in rehabilitation and for athletes with joint problems. Moreover, it is an excellent stepping stone for beginning exercisers who want to work at home on their condition. In the course of this article, we give you advice about what you should look for when buying the best recumbent exercise bike and what are the advantages of this device.

What to look for when buying an exercise bike?

Adjustments in height

It is important to choose a bicycle which is adjustable in height. This is particularly the case if multiple family members wish to avail of. In almost every exercise bike, the seat height adjustment, and it is also possible with a more expensive version to adjust the steering wheel, both vertically and horizontally. A comfortable sitting position is, after all, a good start of the training. Also, note that the device can be leveled so that you have enough stability during training.

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There are a variety of reasons that can cause scratches on the car paint. car accidents, inappropriate youth behavior, bad parking and other mishaps in the parking lot, all these are common causes that may result in one or two scratches on paint finish. Although scratches detract from the look of your car, pay for a body shop that will apply a new coat of paint or will even make a small touch, it can be very costly. Follow these steps to remove small scratches without having to bear the costs of hiring a professional. Continue Reading

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Before investing in a chainsaw, it is important to know and evaluate your needs. If you have wood to charge once a year before winter, or on the contrary, if you cut down trees all day, you can well imagine that the type and model of chainsaw you need are different. Here are some keys to direct you in your choice:

Electric or thermal?

This is the first question to ask. An electric motor starts without fail, simple maintenance and generates less noise and pollution. However, it is much less powerful, and the wire is a real handicap limited -length, is caught in the branches, limited maneuverability. There are sur-battery chainsaws, very manageable and relatively practical. However, their power is limited as their battery is autonomy. Their weight varies from 3.5 kg to 5.3 kg. An engine, in turn, allows much greater powers. It’s also noisy and has a stronger impact on the environment regarding pollution. Their weight is around 5-7 kg. Continue Reading

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best ceiling fans for bedrooms

How to choose ceiling fans? What is the best ceiling fan for bedrooms? When the heat reaches the fans, what are the cheapest option, what to look for when buying? What size to choose according to the room, with few blades? We will have some reviews to tell you today.


Note that using a fan in combination with air conditioning (for example is set one-hour air conditioning is turned off and when the house is fresh when using the fan) you can save up to 40% on electricity. A low-speed fan consumes about 15W and maximum speed 100 w what a light bulb.

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Let take a look at our detail double din review to find out the benefits as well as the disadvantages before owning one.

It is undeniable that all the benefits, or ease of use, these radios capable of doing everything, continue to make progress. Some of us have even terribly seduced by small quite pleasant features!

Let the result of our shopping is not exhaustive. For starters, most brands have several models. Then, some large manufacturers have not yet unveiled their new products. In this case, we are only interested in big brands and smaller known brands. We deliberately exclude Asian products found on the Internet at very low prices.

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MarthaI have, truth be told, not always been the biggest fan.

But last night I read this. A ‘Draft One’ manifesto for Martha Lane Fox’s DotEveryone initiative.

Or rather I read this…

‘Dot Everyone will be a digitally powered organisation that will be both an authoritative public voice on the new digital networked world and also deliver things, showing how to transform services from the bottom up  – sometimes prototyping and delivering new services…

And then I read it again. This bit…

…showing how to transform services from the bottom up  – sometimes prototyping and delivering new services…

And, just to be certain, I read this again.

…from the bottom up.’

In the autumn of 2007 I found myself on the revenue panel at NewsInnovation.com at the City University of New York talking about bottom up advertising models. Let’s just say its a subject dear to my heart. Particularly if you move that thinking into a mobile setting. Where 96% of us will come to live our lives.

So on the basis of someone twigging that fundamental digital enablement will not come from Whitehall down…

And that Martha is starting to embrace this sense that ‘…whats around us currently is the death of the old top down model of making things happen through hierarchies… And the growth of the bottom up model – collaborative people power (C Gallop)’ then in the spirit of collaborative people power might I suggest she hauls three women of note into a small room somewhere and sorts this.

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