”Double DIN ” under the microscope

Let take a look at our detail double din review to find out the benefits as well as the disadvantages before owning one.

It is undeniable that all the benefits, or ease of use, these radios capable of doing everything, continue to make progress. Some of us have even terribly seduced by small quite pleasant features!

Let the result of our shopping is not exhaustive. For starters, most brands have several models. Then, some large manufacturers have not yet unveiled their new products. In this case, we are only interested in big brands and smaller known brands. We deliberately exclude Asian products found on the Internet at very low prices.

For starters, these radios do not have the qualifications, but mostly no license is paid. Many believe wrongly that the car radio manufacturers ‘gorge’ on double DIN multimedia. But do not forget they have to pay many licenses to offer you all these multimedia functions (navigation software, maps, Apple iPod, Parrot for Bluetooth, without forgotten DivX and Windows CE …) .On double DIN 300 Euros found on sites disappearing as fast as their shadow, licenses are not present. So, it appears everywhere (pirated programs) cannot make the GPS days … In short, it is better to move towards serious brands, which have also made great efforts towards democratization.


The radio locations of the current cars are often specific forms, but there is ample room to double DIN instead of the original car radio. More complicated installation; major brands today have a catalog of specific spacers and special cables for each car. It thus can perfectly integrate dual DIN unchanged or cut the original wiring. But why change the original car radio with a double DIN aftermarket? Simply because they offer significantly greater benefits, and in many cases, they even pay the luxury of being cheaper than a manufacturer option.

Not that the original multimedia car radios do not work well, but as we have seen in our various car testing (see high-tech section), the original car radios are often overwhelmed multimedia services materials. Generally, they are silent on the video on scalability (tuner, for example), and some even have no iPod control. Even GPS are sometimes overwhelmed by those in the aftermarket. That said for GPS and iPod functions, all double-DIN aftermarket is not the same, and we will therefore ensure particularly the features of both. The latest models offer the TMC, the traffic lane assistant, Text-To-Speech to speak the name of streets, 3D landmarks.

The most advanced in this field is Kenwood, which features the cover-flow of the iPod album covers. If one is a big user of downloaded files, he will ensure that the DVD player or USB port are compatible DivX. No real revolution in this market, but most brands have seriously improved graphical interfaces to make them more beautiful and more user-friendly.

Finally, if we want to achieve a good multimedia installation, we will focus on scalability. 3 line outputs for power amps or better 5.1 output to make an installation with its cinema. The entrance rear camera has become widespread, but not the control TNT; therefore to consider if we want to offer TV drive. The dual function area is not always present and is handy to power a rear screen. Finally all handsets are controlled by the touch screen, but today the majority is compatible with the controls to the original steering wheel.

Prices are much more accessible and benefits constantly increases; we can only welcome the effort of the car radio brands. Finally before leaving to the selection, note that the quality of the screens and graphical interfaces have progressed significantly.

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